Sunday, April 28, 2013

Viva la Tradition!

We even mastered the timer on my camera!
 So we finally found a weekend we could go scrapbooking. We never could find a date last year so we tried hard to make it work this year. It is a tradition now that we do not want to see die off. Se we made it work during spring break this year since Jolynn wasn't visiting family. We are so glad it worked out because we had so much fun. We even managed to stay a day longer than usual!! There was a day we didn't even get dressed and just scrapbooked all day long...heaven!!
 Patty wrote down our pro/con list for deciding if we should stay up late and scrapbook or go to bed at a decent hour. We ended up compromising and stayed up kinda late. I think we made it to one o'clock then we hit the hay.

I am demonstrating how clean my side of the work space is!
 We went to Milt's (another tradition) and Patty introduced us to the awesome Garden House for lunch. We each brought up a dinner and went out a couple of times to eat. We went shopping lots and still managed to do lots of pages too. We are amazing! Patty's cabin is perfect and she is the perfect hostess. Good times with good friends.
Lunch at the Garden House was divine!

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Jolynn said...

Our scrap-a-thon was soooo much fun this year! I love this tradition, and we can never let it die. I laughed out loud when I saw Patty making that pro and con list! I forgot we did that. Funny. I'm so glad to have great friends to scrap with.