Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Quick Trip to Utah

I had a cousin getting married in SLC in March that we all met up at. Mom & Dad came down from Canada and Carolyn and Spencer came up from California. Carolyn, Spencer & I all stayed at Christina's house. Then on Saturday Jeff & Rachel came down from Idaho to join us there too. 
 Friday night we all met in the mall and then went to dinner together. Then we hung out at Christina's house after dinner. We got lots of visiting in. Then we watched Mom & Dad's pictures of Hawaii and my dvd of Alaska so we are all caught up and each others travels. I guess I am kinda strange because I love seeing vacation pictures.
Saturday we met Jeff & Rachel for lunch at Zupas...one of our favorites.

 As usual the place was packed so we needed to go find someplace else to hang out and have fun. Christina introduced us to the Provo Beach Club which was so much fun.

The pictures aren't great but we had fun playing indoor crochet/mini golf. It was different and so hard to do with all of us so we just did our own thing and made up our rules which is to say there were no rules at all.
We all did the laser mania thinking it was laser tag but it wasn't. It was a laser obstacle course so it was still pretty fun. The best part was when Mom went Dad changed the course to expert on her. Believe it or not they both got into it and crawled through and everything. Kinda shocking. 
We all got ready and drove up to Draper for Kerri's reception and visited with family for awhile.

Once again I didn't take pictures of everyone which is so frustrating! I never think of it. So we visited for awhile then headed back to Provo for our dinner reservations.
We were super excited for Tucanos. Most of us had never been there before. It was fabulous to say the least. A new family favorite. Mom and Dad were in rare form. They ate and ate (well we all did). 

While Mom was making a repeat trip to the salad bar they came around with the dessert platter. We all said we were too full but Mom was bummed she missed it so they came back so she could get a flan. When we were finally finished we rolled out the door and headed back to Christina's to visit. The next day we all had to leave and go our separate ways. We had a great weekend and I was so glad I went up to meet everyone. Now that Wilf's kids are all married what are we going to use for an excuse to get us all together??

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