Friday, March 1, 2013

President's Day Weekend

We had such a fun President's Day weekend this year. We found out Jeff & Rachel were coming down for the weekend to thaw out. Then Friday night just a few hours before they were due to arrive I got a phone call from my niece at BYU. She and her roommates were looking for a crash pad for the weekend also. They were headed to Vegas so could I provide a roof over their heads. At first I was a little worried that we would be short beds but there was just three of them. They weren't looking for entertainment just shelter so it was the perfect setup. Jeff & Rachel arrived Friday night and the other Rachel and her room mates arrived Saturday. They were so funny. They got here about 9:30 or so in the morning and after an hour of changing clothes and getting ready they were out of here. They really did want to spend the day in Vegas because we never saw them again until about midnight. Rachel has always been a smart girl and was sure to bring me a lovely chocolate dessert from the New York New York to ensure my silence in her trip to Vegas. Then after I found out she fessed up to her mom anyway! Ha well now she knows I can be trusted to remain silent if she wants to elope or anything haha.

I thought the lighting was amazing outside Saturday evening so I took a quick picture:
 So Saturday we went on a little hike to see if we could find the actual lost city down by the lake. We drove down past the game farm and then started hiking out to where we thought it might be. Mendis had a basic idea where to look so that helped. We think we night have found it because there was pieces of potty and stuff lying around but it was really hard to be sure.
 Obviously some UNLV students had been out there digging around so that was a pretty good sign we were onto something. Maybe not something big but something just the same!

Quite the barren wasteland out there.

So later that day we decided to go to Vegas to see Ashley's family. Benjy was working so instead we met Ashley and went to the Cheesecake factory for dinner. As we were getting ready to leave I got a phone call from Aunt Laura and found her and Uncle Wilf were in Vegas also. Crazy! We talked about meeting them for dinner too but they had show tickets and couldn't go but suggested I Karli and her new husband who now also lived in Henderson. What the heck! So they met us for dessert and we caught up a little bit.

The next day Rachel and the roomies left bright and early and Ashley & Benjy & kids came for dinner. That gave Jeff & Rachel a chance to spend some time with the boys. Monday we drove to Cedar City with them to go see Mendis' parents since his dad's birthday was coming up. We all went to lunch at Pizza Hut and then Jeff & Rachel left and headed back on up to Idaho. We went back to Mom & Dad's and helped them do a couple of computer things and they said we ought to stop on St George on our way home with them since they were meeting up with Rob & Beth at Chuck a Rama. So it worked out that we were there at about the right time so we thought what the heck shy not! We sure did a ton of eating out that weekend but it was really fun to catch up with so much family. Many we sure got alot of visiting in huh!

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