Thursday, May 23, 2013

Clark County Fair

It's that time of year again. Fair time. It's always the second week of April so it shouldn't sneak up on me but it does. This is the first year in forever that I haven't gone scrap booking during the fair so I was home for the grand kids! They came out Thursday which is always the best night for the locals.
 We headed over to the animals first thing much to Rees's disappointment. He has a very good memory and wanted to go straight to the carnival to heck with the animals. Cooper was pretty excited about the animals though, even the big animals were fun for him.

 We had dinner (while Rees paced) and then finally headed over to the carnival. The boys were in heaven.

 We thought Cooper would need a little help. Nope. Not really. He even did the kiddie roller coaster by himself! He was pretty brave the whole time. Rees loved the motorcycles but he especially loved the fun houses the most I think.

The two of them had a ball. They both got pretty tired. Well actually everyone but Rees did. I was planning on keeping Cooper for his first sleepover that night. When I got him home, overtired and alone he got worried and wanted to go home. Luckily Ashley and Benjy weren't too far down the road and met us back at Wallys. We will try it again with Rees and a better nap!!

Friday Jeff & Rachel arrived for the weekend. They spent the weekend with us then headed to Disneyland with out us (Super bummed we didn't go). So while they were here of course we had to take them to the fair.Actually I spent more time this year than in years. Two days in a row! They were on their own until I got back from Vegas on Friday but Saturday we went up for dinner and the Rodeo. Good times. I totally swiped Rachel's pictures off facebook!!

Thanks for a great Fair kids!

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