Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where did all the time go...

Seems like just yesterday we were bringing this guy home from the hospital and now he's all grown up and off to college! We got him loaded up and moved out the first Monday in August so he could go up to Dixie and start working out with the team. He packed things up very slowly and went through just about everything he's saved in his treasure boxes for years. He even managed to weed out a few things. I know he wasn't excited to go yet but he ripped the bandaid off and headed up there.
His roomates are Kelan, Casen and Sawyer so he's in good hands up there. They found a gorgeous townhouse that they have been furnishing with lots of odds and ends and Sawyer's stuff. My favorite has to be the ping pong table for the dining table. I am guessing food will never go near it. There are 2 boys to a bedroom and each bedroom even has its own bathroom and walkin closet. Seriously these boys are not suffering. When we got up there we searched all over town for a bed frame and finally found one but the mattress didn't work with it so...
We got creative. Instead of buying a new mattress set we "adapted" a couple of pallets and it worked like a charm. We would never want Hayden to forget his red neck roots so now when he misses us he can just look down at his bed.

I need to get a photo of the finished product but at this point Kelan wasn't finished moving his stuff in so maybe later. So for one whole day we were officially empty nesters. The good news is Jeff is home for about 4 more weeks on his between semester break so he has saved us from ourselves.

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