Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Clawing his way on up

It was so fun to go up to St George and watch a Dixie practice. It took awhile for us to find a hole in our schedule but we finally made it happen. I have to say though it was very weird to see Hayden with a red helmet on. The practice was brutal to watch in some ways. It was hot out that night but just like high school they cut you no slack for that. It wasn't fun watching the guys limping off the field or throwing up. They ran their butts off. They worked very hard and very fast. I was impressed to see how well organized it was. Hayden said one night the coach said their tempo was too slow after about an hour and he made them start all over again even stretching! Hayden got a few reps in and they even threw him the ball. He was worried about being able to get open in college but he has really learned alot about that and was open every time we saw him so he's doing good. He said he is learning so much from watching the other receivers and players.
There are 6 players all fighting for his position. He was just pulled up from the scout squad today so we are very excited for him. Go Coop! Looking forward to the season opener this Saturday night.

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