Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day #4 Yosemite

We gathered together at Ashley's to head up into the mountains and get started on our awesome adventure. She fed us a lovely breakfast and we were ready to go much to Rees' disappointment I might add. Rob teased him and said he could come too and he was pushing his way into his van in no time only to be drug out and made to stay home. Poor little guy. God got even with Rob though pretty quick! We were about an hour into our drive when it was time to get climbing up...that's when it hit. Car trouble. Their van kept over heating. We pulled over lots

And lots

And tried fixing things...
And we thought we had it fixed kinda so we pressed on. We had a fabulous lunch just outside the park and 5 hours later we were at Yosemite. Poor Beth & Rob they were getting stressed and wanted us to just leave them. NO WAY. It was a vacation not a race so we were good to hang around and make sure they made it. They limped through the rest of the day so it worked out. The vistas were gorgeous. You can see from this picture the amazing climb to get up there that we went through. That's Nevada in the background:

The scenery was so amazing. Because there was such a big snow pack this year the waterfalls were running every where. We loved it.
I had a heart attack watching Hayden go over to the edge to get pictures. This photo is for moms everywhere who have kids who think it is no big deal to go right to the very edge...
He stood out on this little rock and come to find out the drop off was only about 20 feet but from where I was cowering it looks like a mile down. Of course I was sure the momentum would make it impossible to stop at the next ledge once he fell over.
This is the edge looking down. The picture does NOT do it justice of course. It makes me look like a freak. Moms know I was right!

This little alpine lake was the first of many that day. We just loved it.
Loved this alpine meadow. There was running and standing water everywhere from all the snow this year. Californians everywhere also!! I masterfully cut them out of the photos.
A quick stop to let the van cool down and grab a pic. Awesome.
Another great view point.

This amazing picture was just one of many gorgeous spots along the way. Loved loved loved the waterfalls!
Here we are trekking back to get a picture of a waterfall in Yosemite Valley.
This is Bridal Veil falls. It was a short 1/2 mile hike. It was so misty from the falls I was afraid to take the camera out in case it got ruined. Come to find out this was only the beginning of wet!
Below the falls and down the river a bit.
Nobody better notice that I picked this day to not wear makeup. What was I thinking. It could have been our family picture for the year!!
I loved this view of half dome. By now it was getting to be early evening so the light was amazing.
So this had to be our favorite spot of the day. This is upper and lower Yosemite Falls. It was absolutely gorgeous. I have about a million pics of this from many angles. We couldn't get enough. There was a lovely hike up to the bottom. The water was every where not just misty on this one. I wish I was brave enough to do the hike up to the top of the falls some day. Not sure I have what it takes to do it though.

This was the lovely view of the Yosemite Valley on the way out. It looks just like a postcard. There was still lots of winding narrow roads to go to get to Madera and our hotel for the night. We left the park pretty late but we are glad we stayed. It was incredible. Lots of crowds especially in Yosemite Valley itself but I can see why!! We pulled into our hotel about midnight just about a half hour before Beth & Rob. What a fun day and we look forward to doing it all again someday soon, hopefully.

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