Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Vacay Day #1,2 and 3

We had a really tough time picking a good time to go on our vacation this year. With every one's schedules we couldn't accommodate everyone so took Hayden and went since this is his last before his mission. Mendis & Delmar had business meetings up at Lake Tahoe so that's what got this party started. Wednesday Delmar and Joan and Mendis and I loaded up at the crack of dawn and headed up there. We drove to Tonopah and stopped for there for lunch. Ashley asked if she could bring Rees over to Subway where we were for a quick visit and we were only too happy to oblige! We got a few hugs in and we were off again. It made for a long day driving up but we enjoy driving even through the middle of Nevada believe it or not. We stayed at North Tahoe at the NorthStar I think it was called. The rooms weren't anything to write home about but the village right there was great. We found a little gelato shop that first night and that was sooo good.
The next day the men had meetings and I had the best day ever. IT's like it was a reward for something. We had a delightful breakfast before Mendis had meetings. I had a warm homemade peach scone and fruit salad. To die for. Then I watched tv in my room, played around on Mendis' computer, read my book, did sudoku puzzles and ate a divine death by chocolate cupcake. Seriously fabulous. All this while looking out my window at pine trees swaying in the breeze!! We had a BBQ that might that was delicious with the whole group.
The next morning Joan and I got up early and drove around the entire lake. I don't know that I hae ever been around the whole thing at least not that I remember.
It was a lovely drive and Joan and I had lots of time to visit all the way around. I haven't had much of a chance to talk with her so it was a good catchup. At about noon the guys were done so we took a quick gondola ride up to the top of the mountain and headed out. We drove back down through Tonopah but this time they dropped us off at Ashley & Benjy's to spend the night.
Hayden and Cymoni and Devony drove up from home and were already there when we got there. We had a great dinner and spent the night playing games. Fun Fun start to the vacation!


Vicki said...

Man girl, it's about time! It took all morning to read through your posts...Glad you had fun on all of your excursions. Landon just sprained his ankle in a bball touny in Vegas last playing today :(

Jolynn said...

Those pictures are so beautiful! Lake Tahoe is really a wonderful place.