Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day #7 Disneyland

You know bloggin about this adventure and most all of them really makes me realize how much joy I have in my life. I love planning and scheming for vacations. Sometimes I feel like that is the best part. I have to say I am a pretty good planner too. This was our last day of our short little family trip but a day I was so looking forward to and dreading at the same time. We LOVE Disneyland and have managed a few trips over the years. It has actually been 6 years since we had been back and have I have been fortunate to go to Disney World Twice since then even. Seriously how do I get so lucky! I was dreading it because I knew what it was going to be like in July...a zoo. We even had to park in the overflow parking which does not bode well for what it's going to be like in the park. We have a tradition of going to the Blue Bijou for lunch when we go. That's always our first stop. We headed right over and got our reservations for a water side table! But the prices have skyrocketed since we were there last that's for sure. We remembered the Monte Cristo sandwich being less that $10 and it was almost $30. That's quite a jump in price so with the whole menu so expensive just for lunch that tradition may die a quick and painful death!
The lines were long as expected but I thought they could have been much worse. We waited and hour at the most because anything longer than that we just didn't go. We only missed Star Tours and Space Mt because it kept breaking down that day.

We got to go on pretty much everything else. We even did Splash Mt at night and got soaked. We were very surprised that the park closed at midnight and even more surprised that nobody left after the parade or fireworks! We never did get on Peter Pan because the lines were horrendous! That was a bummer. We had a blast even though it was just the three of us. Beth & Rob and their girls split off and went to the beach instead since they had just been to Disneyland that winter and they weren't excited to spend $500 just to get in for 1 day. Can't say I blame them. Well we closed the place and had a great time all day long. After a nice little sleep in the next morning we headed home. With Lake Tahoe added on we were gone for a week and Hayden only missed out on 4 days with his friends so we were all happy.


Vicki said...

Disneyland is not a "little" vacation anymore. You have to save for 5 years and then sell one of your kids before you have enough to just get in. You can see how much WE go...Glad you had fun. Just getting out of Nevada heat is nice, even if you are going to Anaheim in July!

Jolynn said...

We've done Disneyland lots of times in July (our only free month!) so we know what you mean. But we're used to it. We were disappointed in Blue Bayou prices this last time we were there, so we went to that restaurant by Pirates to get our Monte Cristo sandwiches. The ambiance is not quite as good, but if you get an outside table the view is really nice, AND the sandwiches are just as good. Plus they had garlic fries that truly were to die for. So 6 years from now when you go back, try that place!