Friday, July 29, 2011

Day #6 Magic Mountain

We were all so excited for our day at Magic Mountain. Mendis and Hayden and I got a quick ride in on the Viper while we waited for Beth and Rob and their girls. We practically walked right on which was fabulous but I got pretty sick right after. Actually it took me 2 hours to really recover. It wasn't fright this time but dizzy queasy stuff. So apparently I wasn't going to be racing from ride to ride with everyone. Hayden and Cymoni had set a goal to ride every ride there. After a few hours of fighting the crowds it became obvious that was not going to happen in just one day.
Mendis and I got a picture of the Revolution as they raced by us! But were happy to watch and recover from the viper still.
This was the ride of the day: the X2!! I wonder if the 2 part was the magic number for how many hours wait there was. Actually it was really more like a 2 1/4 hours wait to get on. When I saw that ride I knew I would be holding every one's cell phones and hats etc for them. This time it was F.R.I.G.H.T! You are in these seats that flip you all around. You go up and over the first mountain backwards then you get flipped so you are going down face first into flames. It was insane. Backwards, forwards, sideways. Yeah no thanks.
Here is every one lining up to finally get their ride on the X2. Yup even Aubrey was braver than me. Seriously this ride was insane which I hope the following 2 videos will show. This was the crew having a great time without me:

And here they are returning from their adventure. Was I sad I didn't just suck it up and go...a bit but I am over that! After a full day of lines and rides even Hayden succumbed to feeling yucky. The Riddler did it to him. I saved myself for the Batman roller coaster. It was alot of fun and amazing but within 5 minutes of getting off I thought I was going to die. Full body sweat and nausea. Seriously I though I was having a heart attack. After that I rode the Ninja and called it a day. Luckily I enjoyed watching everyone else have fun cause my roller coaster days are over!


Vicki said...

This is WAY too funny! All I can say is that it is WONDERFUL to know that Hayden can't handle EVERYTHING :) I get motion sickness aweful. When I was a teenager, my family went to MM. The first ride we went on (I begged them not to make me go, but they claimed it wasn't "that bad") was the Revolution. That was at 10 in the morning. I sat under a tree till 4 p.m. when I was finally felt well enough to ride the log ride...twice. What a crappy memory, but your post makes me laugh!

Vicki said...

Scratch the "was" pays to proofread!