Monday, June 13, 2011

Pre-Grad Drama

SO Hayden went to his last night of Mutual just the night before graduation. The priest quorum played some tennis then they moved on to basketball. They had finished up 2 games but they decided they didn't want to leave it at a tie so they played one more game...
During the game Hayden went up for a shot (he made it by the way) and when he came down he heard a big crack and twisted his ankle. He was terrified he broke his ankle. Jonathon brought him home and I threw some ice on it. He wanted a blessing right away so I grabbed Mendis from the back yard. Thank goodness for the priesthood. His YM leader came by just at the right time to see how he was and helped give him a blessing.
The next day, June 9, Hayden went to his last day of school on crutches. He refused to stay home. Well at least he told me he used the crutches but I have my suspicions. I got him a Dr appointment for that afternoon. I was supposed to go to jury duty that day but blew it off to take Hayden to the Dr instead. We thought we better take him to the foot & ankle Dr just to be safe. The swelling had gone down alot but he had a couple of xrays and it was decided he had a high ankle sprain. Whew!
They gave him a super wazoo brace and he could walk on it again without hardly a limp. They gave him some pain pills and 6 weeks of physical therapy and sent him on his way. So luckily he was able to "Walk" for graduation that night and was fine for the back east trip too a couple of days later. Crazy kid scaring us all like that. If it wasn't for that football scholarship we probably would have thrown some ice on it and told him to suck it up being the kind hearted folks we are are huh Jeff.

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