Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hayden's Graduation

Graduation was quite different this year. First our baby was graduating. Second he wanted to stay in High School forever. Third it was outside.
We had anticipated this day for awhile so we were ready for the big day. Hayden and his friends not so much. So when it was Hayden's turn to march in he looked a little like he was going out to meet the firing squad. Not excited to be done at all. Most of the guys were as somber as he was too. They have had such a fun time and good high school experience they knew it would never be the same for them. The graduation ceremony was awesome. One of the best ever. This was the first one to be outside. I had dreaded that part because it was the 9th of June. The weather was pretty perfect though. The sun was going down and there was not a smidge of the typical wind storm. I love that they put the graduates on the scoreboard all night. Awesome touch!Marching in...
Most of the speeches were fabulous. Very memorable. It all took an hour but it seemed to go quickly. At one point they recognized the Empowered Graduates but you couldn't see Hayden standing up in the dark to well. He got lots of scholarships to help. He, as you all know, got the Dixie State College football scholarship. But he also got the OPD Scholarship which was a nice surprise. He also got a Booster Scholarship and a Red Cross Blood Drive Scholarship to share with 1 other student. He has worked very hard during high school to keep his grades up while managing to play 3 sports all 4 years of high school. We are so proud of him. He's also a nice guy which I think is the best part. He's a great leader and a good friend to many.

After the ceremony they had the mix and mingle in the center of the field which was so cool. Everyone could be together if they wanted and not stuck around in small groups

We were so happy Christina could be here as well as Ashley and Benjy which were a last minute addition to the party!!
Here's one of my favorite pics of us with the aunts and uncles from the Cooper side. They are always so supportive and we love to be together.
There are a million pics of Hayden with his friends of course. I like this one in particular. It started out with just a couple of the kids then one of their friends would walk by and they would jump in. Pretty soon the group turned into a mob clinging together. These kids have been such good friends to each other for so long they had a hard time leaving and going to their party. I' am sure they had to turn out the lights on them and make them leave!!
After graduation we started a new family tradition. After Ryan's graduation a couple of weeks ago Stacey and Terri made delicious milkshakes for everyone. They were kind enough to bring down the milkshake maker and do it for us all too!! We think it should be done now after every single graduation...lucky Stacey & Terri.
Thanks to everyone who could make it to Hayden's Graduation. It was a fun night for the whole family. Thanks especially to his friends and their parents for feeding him for years and giving him a great place to crash. Many many thanks to the great staff at Moapa Valley High School. I guess we are done with high School!

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Vicki said...

Love, love, love that kid! I'm not sure if he told you, but I had to send him a love-note text when I found out that these boys were pretty sad about graduating. I had daughters who felt the same way, but you don't expect it from the guys. That makes me love them even more...they are not too proud or macho to admit it. I'll miss that cutie...