Monday, June 6, 2011


I had to look up the spelling of that word!! SO Sunday June 5 was Baccalaureate. This year it was at the Catholic church. I think it's cool that they get to trade around and go to the other church and see what it is like. It was a warm evening that night so the mix and mingle after was pretty toasty outside though. The service was nice. It was short and sweet since it was about a half hour I think. I loved the Encore Choir song:The speaker was Melanie Valet's brother who was visiting from the Air Force. He did a very nice job. Very military in that it was concise and brief. We enjoyed it alot. Afterward we tried to battle the crowd and get some pics of the gang while they were dressed up. It was surprising to me how many seniors didn't actually attend the service. They only get one in their lifetime but nope not there. For most of these kids though it was just another day to be together and enjoy each others company before they move on. They have been getting together daily for about 2 weeks!!

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Jolynn said...

I didn't realize the speaker was Melanie Vallet's brother. That is pretty sad that lots of kids don't bother to come. This is one group of kids we'll all miss!