Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Little Helper!

Here we are getting ready for the big dinner the night of graduation. It wasn't too bad to get prepared because everyone was bringing salads to eat also. (The salads by the way were the best) I roasted up 5 roasts and I was going to roast some red potatoes. My plans got a bit of a kink in them when Hayden hurt his ankle but that's a whole other post. Any how here I am getting ready for dinner with my little helper.
This reminds me of the days of Jeff helping me in the kitchen. It didn't matter what I was making Jeff was right there to help. I would be at the counter and I would hear the scrape of the chair being drug over beside me. Sometimes I would try and sneak into the kitchen so quietly and barely make a sound but soon after I would hear the chair being drug over (some days it was like nails on a chalk board) ... he always caught me. It's just that I was always in a hurry and helpers slow you down and are always on the messy side. Well I survived my little helpers through all those years and now they like to cook. We would always call Jeff...chef Jeff as a matter of fact. Just when I thought the kitchen was mine. I have a whole new crop of helpers now. Rees was shocked when I told him he could help! HE washed all the potatoes for me then got the boot from mom when he was finished and started to play in the water making "soup". Just like the good old days. Well not quite....I have a little more patience and time so it's fun times!

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Ashley said...

I don't know if I told you or not but Rees totally used this against me after we got home. He was trying to help me wash dishes and after the the 4th time he dumped water on me I told him it was time to get down. In the middle of all the argueing of why he couldn't get down he pouts, "Grammy lets me! She said I could!"