Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jeff is back!

So I have a little catching up to do here so I better get started. Dec 23 was the big day. We all headed into Vegas to go pick up our missionary. We got there with plenty of time to spare to add to the suspense of it all. I tried to get an escort pass to pick Jeff up right at the gate but I was denied darn it. Shelley, how did you manage it?? Security had fun watching us all and had bets on what we were waiting for.
Hayden was the first to spot him but the rest of us quickly recognized his walk. We were cheering and waving only to watch him disappear into the rest room to freshen up after the 24 hour flight. Hayden was about to storm the security barriers and haul him out but thankfully he appeared before we lost Hayden to incarceration. Elder Cooper looked great but a bit shell shocked from all the hugging and lack of sleep. We asked him where he wanted to eat the most and he said he wanted pizza...well we have no idea where there is good pizza in Vegas any more especially near the airport so we got the phones out and started searching.

After a few minutes of that we gave up and went with the second choice...Sunset station buffet where there is something for everyone. Pizza Hut had to wait for another day!

Thanks for most of the photos Charlie, you did great! It's great to have everyone home again.


Ashley Comeau said...

Hah! I like how our family takes up the WHOLE escalator in the last picture. :)

Michele and Todd said...

This has to be one of the best events ever. The whole day when a son returns honorably from his mission is just awesome. He sure gave a good talk in Stake Conference Saturday night. So did Pres. Cooper. looks like you all had a great Christmas too.