Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Christmas Letter

1220.JPG Christmas 2009

I hope this finds you all well and happy. I know everyone is busy but we sure enjoy hearing from our friends and family at Christmas. Keep the letters coming. Every year I think there's nothing to write about it and then my memory comes back abit. Here's the highlights in no particular order cause that's too hard for me:

v Christina graduated from UVU this spring in Elementary Ed. Very exciting!

v Hayden's basketball and football teams went to state this year.

v Ashley & Benjy moved to Tonopah where Benjy is working as a correction officer.

v Rees just turned 2. (our grandson) Atta boy.

v Took an awesome family vacation to Tennessee/Kentucky in July.

v Met up with my sister Beth in Tennessee!

v Ashley & Rees & I drove to Canada this April to visit Mom & Dad.

v We are now super fans of the Biggest Loser, the Amazing Race & 24

v Christina got a job teaching 5th grade in Provo, whew.

v I have discovered blog stalking is fun.

v Last but not least, Jeff returns from his mission in Australia Dec 23rd.

We are busy as usual but we love life. We are healthy and employed and we realize what a blessing that is these days. We still love to travel and just need more time and money to do it. We love spending time with our kids and Rees. We are going to try and get off the couch and loose weight and get in shape in the new year (again). Mendis has discovered smoking (bbq not the other smoking). I need more time to quilt and scrapbook as usual.

So that pretty much sums it up. Have a very Merry Christmas we hope you are all enjoying life too!

Mendis & Debbie Cooper & family

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