Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas 2009

Wow what a busy Christmas this was! The best part was we had a ton of family here because Jeff was coming home. But lots of people can be hard to manage so it was crazy sometimes.I admit I got a little stressed. Thank goodness for my friend Shelie. Her family went on a cruise for Christmas so she offered me her house to use while they were gone and even after. See if you can keep up with this:
Mom and Dad stayed in the guest room (dubbed the"condo" by Hayden years ago) and Christina stayed in Jeff's room. Then just before Jeff got back Christina moved to the condo and Mom & Dad moved to the Jensen's basement. Jeff came home and took his room back which had just days before been cleared of the food storage that had been there for 2 years! That night Ashley & Benjy and Rees arrived from Tonopah soooo Ashley & Benjy set up house at the Jensen's also. Rees stayed at our house with Christina in the condo so he couldn't rearrange the Jensen's home for them while they were gone plus he could nap and go to bed early here. It worked pretty well but there were people coming and going like crazy.
We baked up a storm before Jeff got home.. I admit I went a little crazy with this. Never will I make so much again. We had cookies on the counters for weeks after. We went shopping and got all ready for the big event (events).We had an open house and a taco dinner Wed 23rd for the whole family so that was fun. I thought I had pics of the awesome spread but I can't find them so I am guessing (hoping) one of my kids has them.
The next day was Christmas eve so that was our annual gingerbread challenge. We all built our own houses. It took about 6 hours to finish up but the results were fantastic. I can't wait to see the video. I'd have to say the best year ever. Well the one year with the road and the train was pretty cool too! We agreed Jeff's Queenlander house complete with palm trees was the winner with a squabble over picking the igloo for 2nd. Voting deteriorated after that and was suspended!
The good news is we had a blast and the bad news is we have tons of leftover candy. When I went to put the turkey in the oven is was still frozen so Christmas Eve dinner was rescheduled for the next day.
Christmas day was fun, fun, fun.
After the extravaganza opening gifts we had the traditional Christmas Sandwiches which are always to die for. We had multiple fillings and breads to choose from complete with the Christmas punch (without carbonation for Hayden). That day we had our dinner where I completely forgot to bring out the Christmas Crackers YET AGAIN!!! So we opened them that night. That afternoon everyone but me, mom and Rees went shooting.
Refer to Ashley's blog for darn cute pic of the jumpin cooper clan! The day after Christmas we got ready for Jeff's mission report the next day. We tried to clean up the house but it basically was a lost cause. But for the record we did try.
Sunday was Jeff's mission report. His first report was for the High Council at 6:30 and parents were invited to that. It was so neat to be there to hear him, Casey Jones, and Devon Millington all report their missions. Probably the highlight of the weekend.
He was not thrilled to learn he had at least 20 minutes to speak in our ward but he did a great job and filled all the time to boot! His talk was followed by dinner at our house for all the Cooper Clan, my sister and her family and many assorted friends. We figure there were at least 60 people when all was said and done. Many thanks and huge shout outs to all my friends and family who offered to help with dinner and brought salads and drinks. It was so fun to see everyone. Looks like Hayden was the life of the party!

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Jolynn said...

Dang it!!!! I only just remembered that I FORGOT MY CHIRSTMAS CRACKERS, yet again, when I read that on your blog!!!!! This makes two years in a row that I have forgotten them.....bummer. But I guess I can try to remember next year. Sounds like you guys had a great holiday. I'm glad Jeff is back safe and sound. BTW he did a great job on his talk Sat. night, and Pres. Mendis was awesome on the two talks I heard!