Monday, January 18, 2010

BBall Tournament

After Christmas this year we got a little mini vacation. Mendis & I and Christina & Jeff trouped up to Cedar City for a 3 day basketball tournament that Hayden's HS team played in. Everyone else left that morning for home so we were free to go. We had a blast doing not too much of anything. We watched Hayden's games. We went shopping since Jeff needed some stuff. We ate out lots! We hung out at G&G's house and had dinner with them too. We just relaxed mostly. We even went to Avatar one night. We had a great time. It would have been better if the Pirates had done better but they did ok after loosing their first game. It was hard after having 2 weeks off. Hayden did get to play in the All-Star game though so that was fun too! This could be a great tradition.

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