Monday, June 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a super fun long weekend to write about. We headed up to Provo first to spend the night with Christina. We got there just in time for a snack:
 She introduced us to Sub-Zero. Darn her cause we are hooked now!First you pick your cream and fillings and then the magic begins...

Voila the best ice cream! It was super creamy and it just got better as it melted. Like a mini creamy glacier.
We headed up to Rexburg the next day and got there late afternoon. We did some shopping that afternoon and then we rounded up Dreah and her boyfriend and went to The Hickory for dinner. It was super yummy. Nothing beats BBQ somedays. After we were stuffed so we headed up to campus to walk it off some. We really needed a walk because we went to get more ice cream. They introduced us to the cupcake ice cream at the Cocoa Bean. Amazing ice cream that has crumbled up cupcakes in it. Delightful! We toured the art work at the I-Center. It was pretty amazing. That didn't quite do it so we walked all the way through campus. We enjoy this campus because it is very beautiful and well kept. The gardens never disappoint.

 The next day we tried three different wards to find a sacrament meeting and hit the road. We decided to take Jeff & Rachel to Yellowstone. Heck it's right there and they hadn't been so off we went. We had the whole day and we pretty much did the whole park! Well not quite but pretty close. It was cold still with snow patches here and there so we say a side to the park we had never seen before. Steam everywhere because the air was chilly. Really fun even though it was hard to see the cool colors at some of the hot springs and stuff.
 We also saw tons of buffalo everywhere...

 A Grizzly Bear!
 Everyone stopped to see the bear!!
 Old Faithful!

 The park was beautiful and I am so glad we went since it's been awhile for all of us. We had a great day. The next day we had to head out. We said goodbye to Jeff & Rachel and headed back to Provo for dinner with Christina. We hit Tucanos which is always just awesome. We groaned all the way home and vowed to get right back on the diets! IT was a lovely weekend and we loved spending some time with our kids!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Welcome to Dane Comeau

 Dane Comeau was born May 6/2013 at 10:12pm. He was 8 lbs 14 oz and 20 inches long! Finally he was here after a long, long wait for his arrival.
 He is the cutest little chubby cheeked baby! I got to meet him the next day at the hospital. He is just adorable. I think he looks so much like Cooper. Naturally I have no pictures of me holding him! Hopefully Ashley has one for me.
 I went in first thing Monday morning when the hospital told Ashley they could take her early (which was still late) to induce her. I kept the boys while Ashley & Benjy spent the day at the hospital. We built a fort, watched movies, did puzzles, colored, read books, played in the sandbox, went to McDonalds, got groceries, played with toys, napped, ate, bathed, got ready for bed and still no baby! Finally later that night Dane came into the world. The next morning the boys and I went to the hospital to meet the baby. We spent the rest of the day doing the same stuff until Ashley got checked out late that night. I drove home at about 11pm so I could go to work the next day. I came back in on Friday and went with Ashley to the pediatrician appointment.
 Yeah!! Dane was gaining weight back again. We picked up a few things then headed back to their house. I did some cooking for them and headed back home again later that evening.
 Saturday Mendis and I came in to go shopping and eat out for mother's day and Mendis got to see the baby too.

 Cooper has his turn to hold him. Rees was at Grandpa & Grandma Comeau's so he wasn't there for a picture.
 The next week Ashley came out after work on Thursday and I took the night shift with Dane for her. I have to say it was pretty tiring since he didn't sleep great until after two but it was really so much fun. I was happy to burp him and rock him and try to comfort him back to sleep. I am sure that is because I knew he was going back to his house the next day!!

Of course he slept like a rock the whole morning. All too soon it was time for them to return home and I settled in for a much needed nap. Three grandsons....where is the time flying off too?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Still the Sister's Retreat!!

I want to include too many pictures to do one big post so suffer along with me for one more! Our last day was a big one. We headed away from the beach and on over to Universal Studios mostly to check out Harry Potter's Wizarding World. We got busy chatting and stuff and before we knew it we blew by the place by about 20 miles. Ooppppsss. So we got headed in the right direction and finally got there a little later than planned. We weren't terribly concerned until we found out the park closed at 7pm not 10pm like we thought!! This could have been a disaster. But since none of us are roller coaster fans crisis averted. We really didn't need any more time.

 Finally we got clear to the back of the park and Harry Potter! It was so fun to see it and it was just like I imagined. I knew it wasn't a huge section so I wasn't disappointed to see how tiny it really was. I enjoyed every part of it.

 We headed straight to the 3 broomsticks for lunch since we were pretty hungry and had been holding out to eat there! We braved the crowds and in we went.
 We got a lovely feast with every specialty drink there was. Either we were a little parched or my excuse is I wanted to try everything. The pumpkin fizz might have been my favorite!

 And we are done here.
 On to Hogwarts Castle! 
The highlight. Thank goodness Beth made it in! We thoroughly enjoyed going through the line because that's where all the cool stuff was to see. Too much to take pictures of unfortunately.
 Loved the pictures that were exactly like the movie.

 Dumbledoor's Room
 The Hall that snowed on us!! That was crazy cool. The ride itself was incredible. It is like a motion simulator combined with the soaring over California technology. It was amazing but it made Nadine and Beth queasy so we only did it once. Very cool!
 Loved the candy shop where I shopped forever for the grandsons! Too many choices.

 The Harry Potter land was so fun. We really enjoyed our time there but finished it with lots of time to spare so we checked out the other areas too.
Jurassic Park was pretty exciting.
Loved Dr Seuss land. Super fun.
We left with a little time left over actually after much shopping and looking around. We just had a good time checking out the shops and stuff. It kept raining on us so we decided we had enough and it was time to go have dinner. Nadine took us to a great pizza place and then we decided to wrap things up with a great dessert. Most of us had never been to the Melting Pot so off we went for some chocolate fondue. We felt a little cheated after being too full to have it the night before.
 They put us in a separate room in the back because of the strong seafood smell which saved my life and their customers since we got a little loud. We really had fun and laughed until we were sick. They were so good to us but definitely deserved a big tip for putting up with us all night. We had such a great night and knew all too soon it was coming to an end.

 We laughed and ate and laughed some more until it was time to get us to our hotel. We said our good byes and promised not to wait another 30 years to get together alone again! The next day we all went our separate ways and started swapping pictures and planning for a product  that was we hoped was about to change our lives. Oh well no hottie but a super fun weekend!!