Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 6

We loved having the car so we did it again for another day in San Francisco. I thought we could start by taking the 49 mile scenic drive then that way we would see every cool thing in the city. But we couldn't find a map to find where it started. We just kept driving all through downtown so we did see every thing we wanted but not the way we wanted to...stupid one way streets.
Once we gave up we found the stupid signs everywhere!
As we were driving around  doing our scenic tour ourselves we stumbled into the Painted Ladies. That was pretty exciting. I was never a fan of Full House but who cares because about a million other Movies were shot here...

There were beautiful Victorians everywhere. I bet they cost the bucks to own. We headed over to Golden Gate park as we continued on our own version of the tour. It was pretty huge and a beautiful park.
Queen Wilhelmina tulip garden

Chinese Pavilion
I really wanted to see the Japanese Tea Garden while we were there but that was crazy. We couldn't find it anywhere. We had the general area and we knew where it should be but the one way streets and things made it so hard to get to it. Finally we went through the back way and got there on foot. Of course there was a charge for that as with pretty much everything there.

It was pretty tiny but it was beautiful there. Too bad we couldn't spend the whole day in the Golden Gate Park because there were tons of things to see and do there.
We decided to go do the things we really wanted just in case we ran out of time so we criss-crossed the city all afternoon.
Coit Tower was something we wanted to see up on Telegraph Hill. We were going to go up but of course it cost $$$ and mostly the line was really long. Apparently once you got up to the top it was plexiglassed in so we scratched that part off our list. Time was a wasting!

Coit Tower had one of the famous self cleaning toilets but of course it was out of order darn it.
We decided we wanted to go back to the Presidio in the daylight and see the famous Hitchcock site once again so back we went to the other side of the city! It was worth it though.
Then we figured what the heck we were right by the Palace of the Fine Arts so we wanted to see that. It's gorgeous!!

Loved this place
Finally at this point we were getting near the end of our list of must see places. One more big one remained. We hadn't gotten on a trolly yet so back we went...

We had an hour wait so we entertained ourselves by freezing to death inline, listening to the panhandling musicians and getting a kick out of the signs.

It was well worth the hour long wait. I knew it would be fun but it was super fun. We got off in ChinaTown so we could have some dinner there in keeping with our international food theme for the trip.

Hunan Home for dinner.
ChinaTown was fun but surprisingly dirty. Yes it creeped me out a bit hoping the kitchen was at least clean! It was a fun experience though and I am so glad so did it. We had to walk straight up another huge mountain of a street to get to the trolley stop. So we were pretty excited to see it some chugging along. SO imagine our surprise when we found out we were on the wrong stupid trolley. We had to walk about 7-8 blocks back at the end of the line but it was okay because we were going to need to walk off the calories we would put on at Ghiradelli Square next. Yes...Again...we were really cold from the Cable Car and wanted a hot chocolate and we figured what better place. After that we paid our $30 parking tab and went back to our hotel in Oakland for the night. It was a great day.

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