Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 5

 Well we decided to take the car today! haha We also picked out the things we really wanted to make sure and do while we had the car so we headed to Lombard St first thing.It was kind of a pain to get to with all the one way streets and tourists like us everywhere especially during the day.

Even though it was totally a tourist thing to do we really loved driving down Lombard Street and if we hadn't been so hungry we would have done it again! But food was calling and we just did it the one time.

This bread display was amazing. It's a little hard to see the bread sculptures but there is a teddy bear, crab, alligator, turtle, lobster etc amidst all the yummy loaves of sour dough bread they are famous for here.

Awesome lunch with soup in a bread bowl and sandwiches at pier 39 Boudin.

We could see the fog rolling in so we headed to the Golden Gate Bridge since that was a must do for us

 We drove across the bridge which was really fun. Lots of traffic but it was such a bucket list thing. After we drove across we parked so we could get out and walk on the bridge. It was a hike just to get back to the bridge even.
Thank goodness we had jackets because it was cold and windy. We had such a fun time out there though.

hangin on to the 1st tower!

The scale of that bridge is incredible. It is massive.

We walked all the way down almost to the far tower and back.

Alot of wind

I almost got creamed by a bike when I stepped out to take this picture.

We got a kick out of these signs even though there is really nothing funny about it.

the hordes of people all walking and biking the bridge!

We just stopped all along the way and watched the ships and boats. The water was mesmerizing.

We spent forever watching this wind surfer. He was out there catching air and performing for all of us.
We went almost to the second tower but the fog was too thick and we had more to see so we walked back. Still it was quite a hike for the day but we really thought it was one of the highlights of our trip!

We drove through Sausalito and Mill Valley then drove out to Stinson Beach area.

As you can see the fog was thick and boy was it cold. It was fun though.
That's Mendis- the only one of us who braved the cold and fog and wind so long

Christina & I went through Muir Woods where there are some redwoods. It was gorgeous.

Mendis answered emails etc while we did a quick tour of the place. Okay not so quick but we tried to be.

 After our Aussie dinner (Outback) in Sausalito we headed out to this park to watch the sunset and take more pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. More fog. More wind. More cold.

We could see the Presidio at the bottom of the bridge from the top and just knew that's where they filmed the scene from Vertigo where she jumped into the bay so we went looking for it and were SO excited when we found it. Unfortunately it was dark by then but we were still pumped we found it.
It was really getting foggy so it was time to head back to our hotel. This time we must have missed a turn or something because we were having a heck of a time getting back on the correct freeway. Luckily we fired up the gps and got headed toward the Oakland Bridge. Going over that bridge is fun but going back not so much. It is miles and miles long but going toward Oakland you are on the bottom lever. All I could think about the whole time was the earthquake when a portion on that bridge fell with cars on it!! Hated it!!

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