Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 2 Santa Barbara, Solvang ...

This was an action packed day. I can't believe how much we saw and did. We actually hit the road at a reasonable hour for the first and last time of the trip haha.
 We drove all through Santa Barbara. I was excited to see it. It was quite beautiful and crowded in of course. Then after a couple of hours we hit the highlight of our day...Solvang!
 This place was incredible. Yes it was very touristy but we didn't care since we were tourists. It was the cutest little town settled by Danish people complete with windmills and bakeries. Ah yes the bakeries.

 The marzipan was to die for there!
Enough to make me swoon. They were everywhere. We breezed in and out of them trying to decide which one to hit.
 It was so fun to shop and shop for nothing in particular all up and down the streets.
Loved this faux thatch

This looked like fun

 The shopping was a blast with lots of kitchy stuff everywhere. I was surprised they only had three windmills.
We found all three of them of course and checked them out. Here are a couple of them.
Christmas stores are always one of my favorites. I picked up a few things there and was proud of myself it was only a few.

We carefully picked out our spot for lunch and had their buffet here. I have to say I think my favorite thing was the Swedish meatballs with the pickled red cabbage coming in as a close second. Not a fan of the pickled herring though.
We tried out the Able skivers! While they were good they couldn't really compete with the bakery goods and fudge though.
 So after a few of hours we hit the road...101 and 1 to be exact and headed back up the coast. When we saw the signs for Pizmo beach we had to check it out. It always reminds me of bugs bunny since he was always trying to get there. It was a beautiful day and a pretty beach with a great fishing pier.

 We walked up the beach to the pier and watched the fishing and surfers for awhile.

I had about 5 pound of sand to get out of my shoes after that. I don't think I am exaggerating either.Well okay but at least a pound of sand. See that's alot of sand to be walking around with!

Then we went through San Luis Opispo on the way to San Simeon for the night. There really wasn't much to see there which surprised us but that's okay since we were burning daylight and had a ways to go yet. It was a beautiful drive.
Elephant seals
LOVED the fog!
It started to get really foggy and cold so we called it a night. So fun. We fell asleep to the sound of the surf that night. I love that.

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