Friday, September 23, 2011

Marie Osmond

Okay I admit I am a sucker for this sort of thing but I think it's cool. I went to our Vision Expo yesterday for our annual convention for work. Every year they have some sort of celebrity there signing autographs and stuff. Usually I am not very interested or thrilled by who they bring in. This year I have to admit I was pretty excited to see Marie Osmond. Can you see my autographed picture! Do I need to make it any bigger!!Shannon and I waited for about half an hour for our turn to talk to her and get our picture taken with her. Wouldn't you know we were alone so there was no one there with a cell phone to get us one right that minute. We got our picture done together. From here we are next in line so we had lots of time to study her.
She is short. Even with the massive heels.
She had on huge fake eyelashes.
She was very petite especially her face.
She has had some work done I would say especially her lips.
She is skinny.
She was very nice!!

The paper we had to sign said to say something to her so I asked her if her visiting teachers had visited her yet this month! She said no but she hadn't been out yet either. We told her neither had we. She said she worked at the Temple every Wednesday morning but we had to get there early if we wanted to see her. She loved it there and highly recommended working there.
I have to say she was very easy to talk to and it would be fun to visit with her and get to know her better but yeah that's never going to happen. So I can hardly wait for our pictures to come up on the website. Apparently it takes months so dang I have to wait.
So I finally go the other Pictures from the internet!! What so you think? They are super small so really hard to see darn it.


Jolynn said...

Okay, that would be pretty awesome. So let's you and I plan a really early morning visit to the Temple on a early do they open? I must say, those pictures don't even look like her.........maybe she has had some work done! (the autographed one does look like her though, and how cool is that to have?!)

Vicki said...

Evidently air-brushing is an awesome thing. I think we could all look that great at 51 if we had a gadget like that for our photos. Kevin still owes me a night at their show for my birthday two years ago!