Friday, September 16, 2011

Hayden's Mission Call

It seems hard to believe this took 19 years but our youngest is ready for his mission. It's been crazy to get his paperwork and interviews and appointments done around his football schedule but he pulled it off. The call came Thursday morning Sept 15. The post office ladies were nice enough to call me and let me know it was here. Don't you love small towns!! We had to wait until we were off work then we threw the envelope and a few assorted items for Hayden into the car and ran up to St George where he had an apartment full of friends waiting. We all made our final guesses and then he tore into the envelope. He was shaking so it was fun watching him open it up. He is assigned to the Chili, Rancauga mission and will report in to the MTC in Provo Jan 4th!

Notice the 3 cell phones for all three of his sibling who are in 3 totally different places right now. I guess they had a hard time hearing anything but a bunch of noise but it was the best we could do with out webcams! We've got to get us some of those!!

Everyone was anxious to see if that's where Ben Rebman (the 1st missionary from his class) was. They are busy checking...Nope wrong Chili mission. Darn that would have been awesome.

The proud parents!
The awesome friends who were there for "the Opening Night" Yup that's alot of cute girls and a few guys too!
We spent forever texting friends and calling family. We had all three cell phones going at the same time. Hayden about used up his whole battery telling everyone his exciting news. He said he couldn't be happier. We are so excited for him. He admitted just last week that he was hoping to go foreign after all but he still was going to be pumped no matter where he went.
Time to brush off the espaniol.
We texted and texted and took the new Elder out for a dinner of tortillas and rice and beans. What were we thinking though Benjy said we should have gone to Chili's!! What a great idea and we blew it.


Jolynn said...

We are so excited for Hayden! It is so neat to have a missionary out and get all those blessings. Plus I always enjoyed sending them stuff and I actually missed writing to them. These days everyone probably does email, but none of our kids got to, and the letters back and forth were something I really looked forward to.

Vicki said...

Wow! I really feel special now...getting a text all the way up in Alaska! Your poor fingers must be numb. Can't be more excited for him - although I was WAY off on my prediction. Somehow I had him going to Thailand :)