Monday, December 19, 2016

Temple Square

We made a quick little trip to Utah. We had just enough time to go to Temple Square and see the lights. That was the priority when we heard Megan had never seen them. I mean we had to right?
We drove up Saturday morning and grabbed Hayden & Megan on the way and drove straight to Provo. There was an accident on the freeway that had us at a stand still for almost two hours but we made it. Luckily this year we got there in time before they actually turned the lights out on us! Man it was cold though.
You always have to make a stop into the Joseph Smith Building during Christmas.
Okay this had to be the funniest Christmas thing we have ever seen. Seriously, ever. Quite the collection of Christmas Santas going on right around the corner from Christina's house. Very memorable for sure!! 
The next day we found a Sacrament meeting to attend. Just a random one down the street and of course Christina found someone she knew lol. After lunch everyone else headed home and I stayed one more day with Christina so she and I could drive together down to our house for her Christmas break. It got pretty cold for those guys:
It actually got down to minus 8. They had to jump outside for a few minutes to see what it felt like.
 I could have just told them it was COLD!!!

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