Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

Just a few highlights of this Christmas. We made lots of good memories but sadly only a few fit here!
We went to St George with Ashley's family and got a tour of great Christmas lights there from Hayden & Megan.
OPD was doing pictures at the family Christmas party this year. It was a great day to visit Grandpa at work and invade his office just a little.
Christmas cookies and Hot Chocolate!
We must do a puzzle or two every year.
Christmas Eve there were lots and lots of things going on:
 The grandkids got to make their very own gingerbread houses. They even saved some candy for the gingerbread houses!
Watching Santa vs the Snowmen on Christmas Eve with Uncle Charlie.
How cute is this little gal.
 We made it to Ashleys before Santa to get the kids Christmas nestled safely under the tree!
 The unwrapping chaos ensues.
 Funny how Dane never sleeps! SO here is our last but not least present of the season from Hayden & Megan! Pretty exciting stuff.

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