Saturday, December 21, 2013

Welcome Home Elder Cooper

December 20th was finally here and Hayden was finally coming home from his mission!
The welcome home sign was hung and ready...

The grandkids were primed with their signs...

We had to Dane to love on while we waited for the big moment...

 Everyone was in position if we could only figure out which escalator they were going to come down!
My last missionary was home...whew.

Lots of photos!

Hayden came home with Elder Robbins. We hung out with his family and met everyone while we were waiting. Just 1/2 an hour later Bob & Vivian Lewis returned from the same mission so we waited to see them come home too.

Their long lost uncle was finally home.

A quick family photo and we were off to eat together for the first time in two years!


We pretty much love the Green Valley Ranch Buffet. The kids can be noisy if they need to and we eat immediately! Actually we love that everyone can have what they want. What a fun day. I never worried about either of my boys while they were off serving the Lord but it was always so good to get them back home again. Let Christmas begin...

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