Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gingerbread Fest 2013

It has been a long standing tradition to build gingerbread houses on Christmas eve at our house. This is supposed to help me have a little more time to get other things done while they entertain themselves with graham crackers and royal icicng. But every year I seem to get sucked into doing one too. This year we received an amazing gingerbread creation from Shona at OPD so there was no room for yet more creations. I gladly helped referee and help instead of making my own.

This is the OPD marvel. It is a power generation plant and a substation and two homes. Everything is connected with licorice wire and it takes an entire table top!! You should have seen me and Mendis getting it home from the OPD Christmas party!! We just loaded the whole table on the back of his pickup late at night and I carefully drove it home. It was crazy. So basically I tried telling everyone I made it so I won hands done. Funny nobody bought that story.
Cooper was hilarious. I have this picture and fabulous video of him enjoying the roof of one of the OPD houses when he thought no one was paying attention to him. He kept saying yummy and went back for more!
So here is the real competition in action:

Looking pretty intense!

Reeses house with Cooper's in the back ground.

Jeff & Rachel's Masterpiece

Side view

Christina's house is going...going...pretty much gone. The roof was super heavy  :(
Hayden's Santiago Temple

How are you supposed to pick a winner out of all those masterpieces??? I won.
Or is it really Cooper as he helps himself to a few candies along the way? Quite the village this year I would say.

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