Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Wedding Cake

Cheryl has helped me so much over the years especially when it comes to weddings. She was in charge of Ashley's wedding dinner and she and Lori made all the fabulous treats for Jeff's open house. So when Jenn was getting married it was going to be my turn to help by making her wedding cake. Of course the sister's retreat was already planned and booked so it was time to get creative.
At home I baked the whole cake and froze it to travel. I made all the icing and got everything ready to go. I drove up to Provo Wed, April 30 and started to decorate her cake. I stayed up until about 3 and got it all done in the first day. The fun was getting it into the fridge!

Christina and I took out all the shelves and everything we could so it would fit inside. Cameron came by Friday and drove it up to Logan for us. Unfortunatley the cake didn't travel well. I hear it was completely lopsided by the time it got there. I am guessing it slipped off the dowels in the transport. Luckily Jenn's future aunt wasn a cake decortor and with the extra frosting I sent up she was able to reassemble it and save the day. Let's just say the whole time I was in Florida I stressed about it. At least until Saturday was over and it didn't matter anymore. I hope it was all okay in the end!
I stole this from facebook! They are so cute.

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