Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Getaway

We purchased a 5 day getaway to Las Vegas a few months ago when we went to our time share schpeel. It sounds kinda crazy to getaway to Vegas when you live so close but we did it anyway and actually we were really glad we did. Things were beyond stressful at work for Mendis and we both needed a break after the hectic pace of Christmas and stuff.

 The view from our room. It was a great location so we walked to everything. There was only one night we moved the car to go to dinner that was miles away. Mendis cranked out his homework and I watched tv and read and slept in. Seriously we had a great time.
Revisited the Paris casino. It's really gone down hill so don't bother. But the pastries were still great.

Lots of walking. Here we are at the Bellagio. Well, we are there but not in the pic!

We love this chocolate waterfall at Caesars or is it the Bellagio. I am so confused now! Anyhow dark, milk and white chocolate pouring constantly from the ceiling. Like a heavenly river.

 Ya I really love desserts. They are my favorite foods ever so this place really caught my eye. I wanted to taste them all.

 While were there we went to the Mesa Grill in Ceasar's. It is Bobby Flay's restaurant so we were excited to finally try it.

 Obviously we enjoyed every drop of dinner. At least we didn't lick our plates off.

Dessert was pretty darn good too. I have to say though he was a little too into the goat cheese. It was pretty strong after awhile and was in everything even the salted carmel sauce for my lava cake so I was a little disappointed in that. It was a great getaway and think it should be more of a regular thing to leave life behind and get away more often!!

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