Friday, January 31, 2014

January Visit

I don't remember the whys and wherefores exactly but Mom and Dad couldn't be here for Christmas when Hayden came home from his mission. Seems like I remember they wanted to spend Christmas with Cassie or maybe it was the grape juice escapades. But they arrived for a quick stay January 13-16. We met them in Vegas so they would see Ashley's family. Because we always have to eat we met up at the Green Valley Ranch buffet. That always puts everyone in a good mood.
Cooper & his cupcake. Sugar is his favorite!

Playing with Cooper in the restroom. He was giggling so cute.

 Ashley and Benjy had a meeting at their house site the next day so I watched the kids for an hour or so on my lunch. The boys always have a much better time playing than hanging around at the house site forever where they can't touch things.
Tuesday we drove Grandpa & Grandma to Dixie so they could see Hayden. We had dinner at Players where we could visit a bit.

I took the next day off to visit and they were gone in the blink of an eye. So it was business as usual around here in no time. I had a food storage presentation to do the next week in Relief Society so I didn't have much time to mess around. I pretty much spent Martin Luther King day preparing for that. Then it was off to Vegas for our 5 day vaca!

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