Sunday, April 20, 2014

Absent for Easter

Things have a strange way of working out or not sometimes. We wanted to attend Laura's mission report but wouldn't you know it was on Easter Sunday. So we went anyway. Friday night Christina came down with two cars of friends and they stayed at our house too. So we greeted them Friday and made them a big breakfast Saturday then Mendis took them all shooting. It was good to hang out with them a bit before we had to get going. Then Hayden came down for Easter and while he was here he saw Ashley's house and spent some time playing with his nephews. Wow looks like they had a blast I'd say!

Ashley had Easter dinner at her house with Hayden and Charlie and Alisha without us :( but oh well. Next year we will be there. In fact I arranged our cruise so we would actually get home the day before Easter just to make sure we didn't miss it again.

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