Monday, July 8, 2013

Mary Poppins/Father's Day

We got four tickets to Mary Poppins at Tuacahn then had a heck of a time deciding what to do with the extra two. We decided Christina would love to see the show and Rees might enjoy it too. So we headed into Vegas and picked up Rees the day of the performance. 
We all went to Paradise Bakery for our pre-show dinner then headed over to Tuacahn.
We were concerned about Rees liking it and staying still and quiet for the whole thing so we leaded up on treats. Seriously we loaded up with candy, rootbeer, popcorn, carmel corn, frozen lemonades, candied almonds etc! Great fun.
Well we all loved it and Rees was no problem at all. I highly recommend it if you can make it. Mary Poppins flying over the crowd was awesome and I really loved Burt tap dancing upside down all across the top of the stage!
We got home about midnight which would have been no problem but we had to be on the road the next morning at 7:30. We were headed to the Green Valley Ranch breakfast buffet. 
Great family pic- love Coop's face!!
Not as fun but a great pic!

Seriously Cooper ate this sprinked donut in no time flat. He saw Grandpa with his donuts and had to have one!
Christina and Dane
Ashley & Benjy took all of us out to breakfast for dad's father's day present. We decided it was so much fun to do that it will now be our new tradition! A great weekend!

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