Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 4th Weekend

We started out our weekend with the traditional trip to the smoke shop July 3rd to watch the free fireworks show. The first time we went it was chaos with cars, trucks, people and fireworks everywhere. Even though it was dangerous we thought it was pretty fun too.

Hanging out in the back of the pick up watching the show.
Fireworks just never get old. I kept Dane on my lap and kept him wet and cool with water on a washcloth. It was super hot out there.

 July 4th we had Jeff & Rachel, Ashley & Benjy & boys, Charlie & Alisha over for dinner. Mendis smoked a bunch of meats so we ate like kings. Cooper wanted to be in a picture so I was happy to oblige. I was taking pictures for our food blog and took one of him too! After dinner we headed up to the fairgrounds for the big show. We stayed in the parking lot this year so the kids could light off fireworks and run around a bit. Then a big wind picked up and killed our party. 
The next day we headed to Vegas and did some shopping. We met up with Ashley's family at the mall and hung out with them for awhile. Then we took Jeff & Rachel out for dinner at the Kabuki. We love that place.

We got a Love Boat! Might not have been the best idea since something shrimpy dripped on something I ate. Got some Benadryl and was good to go ....eventually.

 Sunday morning was Dane's baby blessing. We all headed into Henderson for a family brunch first since we had to rush out right after the Sacrament to get Jeff & Rachel on the road back to Idaho. We had a wonderful meal and visited with Benjy's family for a few minutes before getting the photo op taken care of and off to church. The food was so yummy. We are still deciding if we like the key lime or the raspberry cheese cake the best. Killer good!

 This is about the only picture I have of me and Dane with my eyes open! He is just the sweetest little baby. He takes everything in stride and doesn't make much of a fuss. All of the boys were such cute and loved visiting with us all.

Cooper Clan
Don't know if this is inspiring Jeff & Rachel or scaring them to death haha.

It was such a nice day. It is so exciting to add another sweet little guy to our growing clan. It was a great weekend (but we missed Christina who was slaving away in Provo with her history class).

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