Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch!

When our kids were in kindergarten everyone of them got to have a field trip to the Hardy Farm Pumpkin Patch to pick out their very own pumpkins. It was always so fun and I got to go every single time. So when I heard that the Ag farm was going to do a pumpkin patch of their own this year as a fund raiser I was all over it. It worked out great because I had lots of days off in October just when I needed them. So on one of those days off I went to Vegas to get the grandsons right after preschool. The plan was to have a little nap in the car on the way home (them not me) but with the stupid construction that didn't work out so well. We played for awhile then it was time to go to the field. I loaded them up and when I got there I discovered it didn't open for another half hour so I thought they would enjoy the Logandale park. Well we got there and discovered it was closed for renovations. No problem, we could go to the Overton Park. Nope closed too!! They were being pretty patient so we did the valley tour. Seriously I drove around and pointed out the tank, the library, the museum, Simplot or as we call it Grandpa's sand pile. We even checked out the elk and bear statues down by the museum. Desperate times man. Finally it was open so off we went.

Boy were they excited. Rees made it his mission to walk the entire patch which was no small feat. Cooper had a rougher time because we didn't think to get some shoes besides sandals for him. He did pretty well most of the time but he wore down early.

 Hey look Grammy there's cows over there. (I know that's what Coopers was trying to tell me.)
 Cooper had a bit of a trip-fest with all the vines but I tried not to laugh right out loud. It was pretty cute.
It's hard work picking just the perfect pumpkin! 
Cooper was busy picking other more important things!
It was starting to get a little more crowded and I had left my purse in the car unlocked so I was getting a little anxious to get going. Hurrying them along just really didn't work out...

Cooper found his pumpkin early on and finally Rees picked his favorite. Meanwhile Cooper thought everything out there was his favorite. There were melons and squash that he loved all over the place.

 Heading back Rees took a spill and dropped his precious pumpkin but luckily nothing disastrous happened. The stem got a little broken off but he was happy with the idea of gluing it back together. Hey I was worried about my purse by this time and was getting desperate.

After retrieving my precious purse the boys wanted to check out the cows. (I figured it would be safe here in the valley but you really never know) Cooper was so into that and Rees not especially but he was patient while we indulged Cooper. After the successful pumpkin reaping we headed back. Cooper was needing a nap. This child was OUT...
It was quite an effort to finally wake him up so we could go eat after Mendis got home from work! We headed for the children's gourmet mecca...McDonald's.

I gave Rees the camera so he could get this awesome picture of grandpa. After our yummy supper. It was time to load the boys up and get them back. It was awesome listening to Cooper sing his version of batman all the way back. Those boys were pretty excited. When we got to Henderson Rees showed us how he was still staying in shape as per Uncle Hayden's request and gave us a demo of his push ups.
I am so bummed I didn't get the camera out fast enough to get Cooper doing his too. If you look at the back of Cooper's shorts you can see how he was entertained pouring his water bottle on himself in his car seat all the way back. What a fun day. This little break gave Ashley a chance to clean her house and finally get a much needed nap. It was a super fun day and I am so glad they live close enough that I could do this for her and ME!

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