Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Romney's Bus

I almost forgot to mention this little bit of excitement that hit our valley back in September that is so worth mentioning! Bright and early Sept 24 I got a text from a co-worker with a picture of Romney's bus and it said look what I see down at the Inside Scoop! Well the office was abuzz as you can imagine and in about 5 minutes we decided we had to go down town and see for ourselves what was going on. Shannon stayed behind to attend to the patient in the chair and Jill, Shona and I raced down town.
Sure enough there it was! We were so excited. The campaign workers told us he wasn't there. It was just them, darn it, but they invited us on the bus to check it out ourselves. We just had to sign in and we were good to go. It was pretty fun and very posh! We loved it. So about 20 minutes later we headed back to the office to tell Shannon and the Dr all about it.

You can barely see "Romney" embroidered right into the leather chair back.

Me, Shona and Jill. Okay so it's a pretty bad picture but it was the best we had.

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