Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

This is actually long overdue but oh well. I will rearrange the posts later and get everything in the right order. We had such fun on Veteran's Day. We all headed down to Mendis' parade in the morning. It's always been known as Mendis' parade since it's his birthday. We were lucky to have Rees, Ash & Ben here with us after the "false alarm". They had to stick around for a few days just in case. Rees loved the parade. He got quite a kick out of the trucks and cars of all kinds going by. It took him awhile and then he got into the candy tossing too.
I am not sure who spent more time in the street getting candy, Great Grandma Cooper or Rees. Actually it wasn't Rees! She loaded him up with enough candy to last until Christmas.
After the parade we got some stuff done in the afternoon and had the family over for the traditional taco dinner. The birthday cake was the traditional uncooked cookie cake. It was fun to have so much family here to help celebrate Mendis' birthday.

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Jolynn said...

I think I need to hear more about this "traditional" uncooked cookie cake!?!