Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mini Cooper

Sometimes it's hardest to do posts about the most important things! I have been waiting for some awesome pictures so I could announce little Cooper Mendis Comeau but time is passing by too fast. Life lesson-don't wait because memories and facts fade. Seriously fading here! Cooper was born abt 9am Nov 14th. I'm guessing he weighed 8 lls 5 oz and he was 21 inches but that's fuzzy in my head now. I do remember for sure he was pretty adorable at the time. I remember thinking how much he looked like Rees but he has changed alot since then so maybe not so much now.

Esther did some lovely pictures of him that you just have to check out:
I put this here so you would be enticed to see them all! So how do I get some of these pics??

Here is Grandpa meeting Cooper for the first time in the hospital.
We are so glad to have this little guy here finally. His blessing is next week so off we go camera in hand!! We love you Cooper

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Jolynn said...

He is so cute! Ester took some nice pictures. Love the ones with Mama in them. Ashley is very photgenic.