Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Okay maybe I should explain...
My sister Beth in Tennessee is getting married April 30. Congrats to her and John. We are keeping our collective fingers crossed that all the paper work will go through so they can be sealed that day but they will be married that day regardless. People like me who needed to purchase plane tickets etc probably put the pressure on for them to pick a definite date so we could be there.
So the plan is Thursday, April 29 I hop a plane to Nashville. I will meet up with my sister, Carolyn, from California there. We are renting a car and heading south to Beth's. The wedding is Friday so we will spend the day in wedding activities!! Mom and Dad will be there as well as my sister, Nadine, from Florida. She will be bringing her boyfriend, Will, so we will all get to finally meet the man of her dreams too.
After the wedding festivities my 2 sisters (not the newlywed) and I will fly down to Orlando where will be having a sisters bash. We are planning a 3 day fun-filled hoopla at Disney World. To say I am excited is mild. This is going to be so fun. Thanks to Carolyn for dreaming this little diversion up ( Disney World not the wedding). The bummer is Beth is choosing to go to Hawaii on her honeymoon instead of coming with us but I guess that is okay.

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