Sunday, March 7, 2010


I clearly need a new post but I've run amuck. Hhmmm life is certainly busy but with mundane things. I'm going to think about for awhile and let you know what it is that I have been so busy with.
Looking forward to my scrapbooking weekend with Jolynn and Patty again. I have to wait almost 2 months so that is killing me.
Also really looking forward to going to Tennessee for my sister's wedding. We are all so excited for her. After the wedding my sisters and I are going to Disneyworld for a couple of days. I am so excited for that too. I'll catch you all up sometime soon.

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Jolynn said...

Wait, do I know about your sister's wedding and Disneyworld? I don't recall this info being shared. When is it? I am soooooo looking forward to our scrap weekend, and yes, waiting until April is a killer!