Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Redo time

Even though it seemed like we just painted last year we most definitely did not so it was time to repaint the house. Not my favorite. The best part was we redid the floors too. SO the living/dining room and the family room and entry hall all got wood while the bathroom and the kitchen got tile. it was about a two month project but so glad that we did it. This better last for years and years though because I'm not even thinking about ever doing this again.
 The picking out process. Should be fun right...agonizing!
 I just love that you have to tear everything completely apart so you can get something done!
 The best part had to be not covering the floors. 
The weird part is very little drips on the floor now that it was ok??

 My helpers for the day!

 Yup we lived in some chaos for a few weeks.
 Out with the old marble entry way.

 Time for touch up painting. Also never ending.
And finally we get to the end:
 It looks like we have a whole new house. We love it!

Time to chilax and get ready for Halloween and Fall fun.

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