Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bucket List

So anyone who knows us knows we have always wanted BYU Football season tickets. Duane Bartle decided they weren't going to be able to use theirs this year so he asked Mendis if he wanted to buy them. Well ya! Of course!!
So guess what we were busy doing this fall?? In fact it has kept us so busy burning up the freeway back and forth we decided we won't be able to do this again until after Mendis is released. 

The first weekend we were there for a game Beth and Tori were in town for the DoTerra conference so I gave my ticket to Christina to go with her dad while I hung out with Beth and Tori. So they got to go see BYU beat Boise State at the end! Pretty exciting game.
It was such an amazing finish they stormed the field after it was over.

I picked up Beth and Tori at the Frontrunner stop and we went to Zupas and met Jordan & Rey there too for dinner.Dinner there is always a good idea. I failed in the group photo department though. I was just going to do it and Tori realized her phone was missing and then I just plain forgot. Oops!
Then we came back to Christina's and hung out some more until we called it a night at about 3am. The next morning came early since we had to get Tori to the shuttle stop by 8:15. We hit Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then we had to get going home. It was an awesome little weekend.

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