Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 8 and 9

On to Tahoe...eventually. I had been battling an eye thing for a few days thanks to allergies I guess and this morning I woke up with swollen eyes that were itching like crazy and burning. So we hit up a walmart on the way out of town to get a rx refilled. Much easier said than done. They wouldn't refill it so I had to call Dr J at home since it was a Saturday and get a new refill. Many phone calls later and an hour wait and I had my drops for a mere $333. SO this rattled me considerably which will help explain my dilemma the next day.
We had a yummy brunch at IHOP and hit the road. When we got to Sacramento I was truly freaking out about the drops being so expensive so we stopped at another walmart to try to return them since they were unopened. No dice so back on the road again. The drive through the trees by Tahoe was lovely. We stopped at the Donner pass museum.
It's hard to believe the snow that year got up to the top of this stack of rock on the monument. Those poor people. It was a sad place to me. We kept on going and never could see the Reno Temple from the freeway but we did see a Cabellas so we had to check that out of course.
That was a fun little stop. By this time we needed to hit the road so we could check in before dark. We had a quick dinner at Reno and headed up to Lake Tahoe. Then we had a heck of a climb straight up a mountain to the resort.

It was beautiful up there at 11,000 feet but man I was winded the whole time. The view of the valley and the Lake was phenomenal. Of course I didn't take any pictures. Maybe I was not thinking clearly from the altitude!
We had tons of room and were only planning on staying for three days so we invited Jeff & Rachel up to spend the rest of the week there. 
The next morning Mendis & I had a time share presentation to attend (so we could get $100 off dinner). That's when I realized I couldn't find my little black metal wallet with my visa, dr license and $100 cash. I used that for my little cross body purse because my regular wallet wouldn't fit my little bag. So I spent the next 24 hours calling everywhere we had been the day before to see if I could find it. Those $333 eye drops had me so rattled I couldn't remember what the heck I did with my wallet after that. We had stopped six times that day so it could be laying in a parking lot anywhere or hopefully in a safe in one of those stores. I had such a pit in my stomach as you can imagine. We looked in the car, twice and no luck. We tore the condo apart, nope no wallet. So the next day when I heard from the last store that they didn't have it  I decided to check the car one last time after saying a prayer first. I got a flashlight app on my phone since it was in a dark garage. So one last look in the car. I sat down on the seat with my trusty flashlight phone and saw it immediately right where you click the seat belt. It just kinda popped right out. It would have been really hard to see without the light which is why both Mendis & I missed it before. So I broke down in tears of gratefulness. Is that a word. Who cares I was truly blessed that I didn't loose that sucker. So it saved the day and the rest of my trip.

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