Monday, March 21, 2011


Well this is a new experience for us. Hayden is doing Track this Spring not baseball. It was hard for him because all his friends have gone to track. He wanted to hang with his friends and have a little fun. The track coach convinced him that he could turn him into a high jump star so he switched. He has had 2 meets so far and so far so good. He's not embarrassed himself yet.
Coach Hickman entered him in lots of events. He had him pretty busy. He did long jump. He did high jump.
He did triple jump and ....wait for it...he ran. The boy who has been told for years that he is a slow runner ran the relay (4x100) and the 100 M dash. He was NOT the last in the 100m dash either.He actually passed a kid in the relay.

That was a blast to watch all the kids run. The hurdles still kill me just to watch. The whole day was fun even though it was 57 degrees with nasty winds. Our first track meet and his 2nd was pretty good. I didn't even have time between events to get bored or get out my book. This was supposed to be a slow day, ha.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Well until I get some pics from a friend here is what I have of Hayden escorting Marissa Watson. I of course didn't have my camera with me so these are from my phone! They had a couple of dance practices before the big night. I thought they all did a great job

Croquet Any One?

We have a lot of fun playing croquet in our family. Over the years we have lost pieces and we are even on our second set now! So we made do this time and pounded a mallet in for the final post as you can see in this picture. Hayden takes it pretty seriously...just like mini golf.

I have fun because I can compete for once. Check out that technique: We are a bit competitive as a family though even in a simple little lawn game. What fun we had...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What we've been up to...

A brief update to answer a few questions of late:

We had a crazy week last week I guess. Mendis had business in Orlando. So off he flew...
I wanted to go very badly as you can imagine because this is one of my favorite places...

Unfortunately I had no $$. I hate being a responsible person sometimes. I really wanted to throw caution to the wind and go now and pay later. Unfortunately I realized that I have 2 weeks off in April unpaid that were looming so I decided to be the grown up for once in my life and not go. Sigh, I hate being the grown up sometimes. So I didn't get to go here either... Well Mendis didn't darken the door of Disney either since he really had no time himself with meetings and stuff.
The killer is I found out just last week that my Mom & Dad were going to be in Orlando at the same time for business so then I was really bumming. Hayden was also sad I didn't go because he was looking forward to having the place to himself. So I thought fine I'm doing something fun or I am going to die. SO I headed up to Provo just for the weekend. Christina's roommate of many years was getting married so I went up for her wedding.

Congratulations Erin & Brandon! It was lovely and I was so glad I could go since she is just like one of my girls now too.
Christina and I had a fun filled weekend. We ate at some of our favorite places and shopped at some of our favorite stores. Hayden had a house full of kids all weekend. Well Youth Conference filled most of the weekend but he still managed to find time at night for friends to come over. There was not a crumb left over. He said he got a combined 8 hours of sleep both nights so he had fun.
Mendis got home Monday night just after Hayden had Review so he missed that. Nice timing huh.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1st Happy Meal

Being Grammy is good stuff! When Ashley and her kids were here for Hayden's State game we got to give Rees his first Happy Meal ever!! I'd say he quite enjoyed it:
Everything was so fun until I realized the dopes at our McDonalds gave him a girl toy. Really? A princess doll even after you asked if it was for a boy or girl. It is still sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be exchanged. I go to Mcdonalds so much it will probably never happen. Oh well next time he gets the boy toy.