Saturday, October 30, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Homecoming has long since come and gone. I haven't had a chance to do any blogging for awhile and so I have a ton of catching up to do. I noticed I didn't really take alot of pictures either except for game pictures. What's the deal!
Now it comes back to me...I had surgery a couple of days before homecoming. Mendis did his best to document things around here but I think I may have missed a few things. I have pics stashed all over the place and I am lost.
Not to carry on but I just added it up the last 7 weeks I have had major surgery, homecoming, fed the football team breakfast twice, had a state football game to get ready for including tailgating and parties etc, a new grandson born, a cruise to the Bahamas, lots of company, returned to work, and Christmas to get ready for.


Homecoming: Hayden escorted Molly Markenstein to the assembly. She was a queen candidate and he was a king candidate. His buddy Bowen won. Both and Geoff were just happy to be all together and glad not to have to wear the crown! What a handsome group of guys this is:Hayden took Chelsea Olige to the dance Saturday night so that involved a bit of tweaking to the tux colors and off he went. We haven't gotten his pics of them together yet but here he is ready for the dance:
I hope to get my act together and buy his pictures of the dance soon. They are much better.
So onward and upward in my quest to catch up...

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Vicki said...

Yes, you are late...but you have good reason. Life has passed you by for a couple of weeks but you are back at the grind now! (I love visiting with you at the games)