Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Biggest Looser

So we are into week 4 or more of our little family biggest looser contest. I admit I am a little discouraged. I have found wonderful cookbooks and have made wonderful great food that is actually weight watchers but that's the good news. Bad news-I'm not loosing any more weight. 5 pounds for the whole month- are you kidding me!! This is hard work and my hat goes off to you folks who can stick to this. I think the problem is I have to get moving. But it's cold out there! Shhhh Ashley I know this is paradise for you right now but I'm freezing when it's below 70 degrees.
Any how I highly recommend these 3 weight watchers cookbooks. They are awesome. Even my boys love the food. Jeff says it's the best food he's had in 2 years...hmmmm. Maybe the food wasn't so great in Australia after all huh.

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Jolynn said...

Yeah, welcome to getting older. But just wait, it gets even harder. We all know I'm a few years older than you, so I can testify that it gets REALLY hard then. You work your buns off and feel happy for a .2 weight loss.....