Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Another fun Halloween! We took the kids to OPD for the employee Trick Or Treat and of course they got a ton of candy. On Halloween day Mendis & I actually stayed home and handed out candy to quite a few trick or treaters that came to our house. Of course these cuties were our favorites!! After a night of handing out candy we watched a spooky movie. We watched the Lady in White from the 80's. We hadn't seen it before so that was fun. Many thanks to Mandie for lending it to me.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Redo time

Even though it seemed like we just painted last year we most definitely did not so it was time to repaint the house. Not my favorite. The best part was we redid the floors too. SO the living/dining room and the family room and entry hall all got wood while the bathroom and the kitchen got tile. it was about a two month project but so glad that we did it. This better last for years and years though because I'm not even thinking about ever doing this again.
 The picking out process. Should be fun right...agonizing!
 I just love that you have to tear everything completely apart so you can get something done!
 The best part had to be not covering the floors. 
The weird part is very little drips on the floor now that it was ok??

 My helpers for the day!

 Yup we lived in some chaos for a few weeks.
 Out with the old marble entry way.

 Time for touch up painting. Also never ending.
And finally we get to the end:
 It looks like we have a whole new house. We love it!

Time to chilax and get ready for Halloween and Fall fun.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Punkin Patch

This year I took Ashley and her kids to the FFA farm so we could go to their pumpkin patch. It's overwhelming there are so many pumpkins. It was hilarious watching the boys pick out their own pumpkins, Not sure what their criteria was but they each seemed to know just what they wanted.

After we walked the whole pumpkin patch they made their decisions. They carried (dropped repeatedly) them up to the front of the field. After our successful picking we met Grandpa at McDonalds for some ice cream. A super fun afternoon!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Labor Day Reunion

We had a great opportunity and we all couldn't pass it up. Rachel's brother was getting married in Rexburg over Labor Day weekend. So Jeff and Rachel were planning on being in Provo for 24 whole hours before they had to fly back to the east coast. So we all flocked to Provo for the weekend! 
Saturday Mendis & I picked up Hayden and Megan and started driving north. We didn't get too far before we decided to stop in Cedar City and visit Grandpa & Grandma on the way. Then after our lunch and a quick visit we headed back on the road to Provo. We grabbed Christina and went to Brick Oven for dinner. We tried to get Rachel Nettles for dinner but she couldn't make it. By this time it was too late to invite anyone else so we will have to try Jordan & Rey next time. After dinner we went back to Christina's and watched the BYU football game. Everyone needs more stress and frustration in their life! Luckily we won so we got a good night's sleep that night. The next morning we got Christina and found an 11 am Sacrament meeting to attend. By the time we changed our clothes after and got back to Christina's Jeff & Rachel had arrived! Not too much later Ashley & Benjy and the grandkids pulled up too. We spent a fun afternoon playing Wee and just visiting with each other.


 It's truly amazing that we all fit in Christina's living room but it was no problem!

Can't figure out why the kids get riled up?
After some playing around time we headed over to see Christina's new school. It was very cool. The  boys are really checking out the reading corner.
We checked out absolutely everything!!
And left messages to her class
Everyone had to get in on that action
Cooper really wants to get it right!
Dane just wanted to play in the cool water fountain in the back.
So after the school tour and fun we headed over to Chuck A Rama for dinner. There was no way I was going to try to cook for everyone in Christina's house. More mess, Lots of time, eating in shifts etc so off we went. Besides everyone can find something they like there. 
So we had a big family dinner and I got thinking after I saw the picture. Wow every single one of us was there. How cool is that. after dinner there was still lots of sunshine and everyone was full and happy so we went back to Christina's to hang out in her yard and visit some more.

Only when we got back we realized we were locked out!! Someone who will remain annonumous locked the wrong lock lol. Rees to rescue.
Outside Fun
Lunch at Zupas before we all go. So sad
Gotta get in some final hugs.
We were so grateful everyone made the effort to be there so we could get together. With everyone's schedules its so hard sometimes. Ashley had just had surgery two weeks before and she was a trooper. Hayden and Megan had school and we all had stuff going on. Luckily it all worked out and we got a great visit. Short but sweet. Now it will be probably Thanksgiving until we can get together again!