Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Day at the Zoo

During spring break this year I snagged the three boys and took them to the movies. We went to Vegas and saw Zootopia. It was pretty cute and even though the boys had already seen it they were still pretty excited to go again. I loaded them all up with treats and in we went.
 Our selfie style.
 After the movie we went to McDonalds for some lunch. The kids played while we waited for our lunch and then they played a bunch more after.
 The scenery during lunch was awesome. We loved watching the construction equipment next door while we ate. They might have enjoyed that more than the food.
Maybe next time this little cutie will be old enough to go with us. 
She's kinda giving the stink eye being left behind.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Shayla's Blessing Day

March 20 was Shayla's big day. 
We had brunch at Ashley's house before church so visitors could get out on the road. I had made a couple of french toast casseroles and a bunch of breakfast casseroles for brunch. So I forgot to put the french toast ones even in the oven while I took all morning to get ready. So we figured we could just cook them right away. Crisis averted sorta. Then we get up there and not only have the egg casseroles spilled all over the trunk (my first clue) but after cooking 45 min they were pretty raw!! So we fired up all her ovens and started with yummy muffins and fruit. Luckily the casseroles got cooked in time for us to eat some but wow that was stressful. Christina, Ashley and I went back to take pictures of Shay and get her dressed in her special dress. I can't believe we didn't grab Megan. Just a stupid slip up on our part.
 Snapped this picture of the guests shoes by the front door. So fun to have so many family members there. Pretty much everyone made it to brunch at some point but Charlie & Alisha but they were able to attend her blessing.
Her dress all ready for her.
Those precious little shoes are the ones Ashley wore on her very own blessing day!

 Getting her bracelet on that Rachel Hickman made for her.
 And the final piece was her headband that Ashley made. Soo cute.
 She's just the most perfect little doll.


 It was such a special day. Once brunch wasn't ruined it got much better. It was wonderful to visit with family and be there for our first Grand daughter's blessing day. Such days are the joy of life.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Power Outage

March 6...the great power outage in the valley. We had quite a storm go through the valley that day and lightening struck a pole in Moapa. Unfortunately it was a critical pole for the system which brought the power down system wide. Even Lincoln County was out for awhile. Mesquite and all of Moapa Valley was down for about 12-13 hours. While cudos goes to those people who made the best of it (namely our valley) others had nothing but complaints and crying about their situation. I jumped in the truck with Mendis so I could field calls and read/answer texts while he drove. He was in communication with everyone but the Governor.The crews were hard at work in no time. In fact with it being fast Sunday we knew some of the men would be hungry from just eating a sandwich as they ran out the door so at one point we drove to Vegas to get them some burgers to hold them over as they worked through the night. Quite the excitement around here. I can't stress enough how lucky we were that this didn't happen in the heat of the summer. After the storm blew through it was cool but not cold so it could have been so much worse. Apparently the night sky that night was so starry but I confess we never got to see it. 
 The dreaded lightening strike that burned right threw the top of this pole!
 You can still see it smoldering.
I thought this was hilarious when I saw it on Facebook!!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Guys and Their Cars

Pretty fun day today! It was Rees's pinewood derby. Can I just say the pinewood derby had certainly come a long way since Jeff & Hayden were doing them!!
 It's all done up at the Stake Center now instead of individual wards which makes it nice. Each ward just has a designated time. Then the top 4 qualifiers from each ward compete that afternoon for top Stake honors. As you can see it's quite the setup now. JD Cornwall has personally invested in the track complete with timers and computer programs to show the winners of each heat AND a slow motion replay! Incredible.
 So first there's the weigh in.
 Time for the heat. They run each car on all four tracks and average the times.
 Rees's car got to compete at the Stake level so we came back that afternoon to cheer him on.
 Rees and his Car!!
 He took 19 in the Stake which was amazing!!
 What a team these two are. It was certainly a fun day cheering them on. I loved it.