Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall & Football

 We had a great football season. Well we did but Dixie did not. They came so close to winning so many times! So aggravating for all of us. But we were faithful followers and we went to Colorado and California and Utah for as many games as we could get to. Leavitts went to Grand Junction and Christina went to California with us to watch. After every home game we got into a groove and went out to eat dinner with Leavitt's. In fact it was sad when the season came to an end and we missed our Saturday night suppers with them.Our waistline was glad when that came to an end though!
This year Hayden was #88

The grandkids loved seeing Uncle Hayden play


Nice photo bomb Coop!! 
Megan was a trooper giving Hayden up for practically the whole fall while Hayden played football. It wasn't until after Spring Ball that Hayden made his final decision to leave the game. It was hard but it was time to start concentrating on his career and his new family and hang up the cleats. Great things are still in store we are sure. We will miss the games and watching him play. We have been watching one kid or another for so many years when next fall rolls around it will be a shock to have no games to go to. Maybe it's time to start hitting BYU games more I guess or we will go crazy.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Hayden & Megan got their engagement pictures done Oct 16. They sent me some on my phone:
So I cropped them down and saved them to the computer. Her mom tried to email them to me and that didn't work sending only 3 at a time. We tried lots of stuff. Finally we used dropbox and I got a whole bunch more pictures. They were all so good! Pretty photogenic couple!

See it's about impossible to pick a favorite. Even the setting was pretty amazing.They are all pretty fantastic.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Corn Maze

Christina was down for her fall break and while she was here we gathered up Ashley and the boys and went to the corn maze in Moapa. The only thing we forgot was the bug spray so I's say it was a great afternoon!
Great little photo spot

Our Selfie

We had fun picking out a few pumpkins to take home

They had questions at the intersections. Your answer determined which direction to take. Very cool.
Find Chris and Coop

Christina tool this amazing photo. With one filter it looks like the maze is on fire!