Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sister's Retreat!

This all started when Nadine called me at work one day and asked if I was going to be in Florida anytime this spring. She was looking for a sister's retreat to take her mind of the crap of everyday life. Of course I was up for it and started texting the girls!! It took a couple of weeks of working out details and prayers that it would all work out but we finally got it all nailed down and booked. We were all so excited for April 18-22. So here is Day 1 which was our travel day and Day 2:
 After a travel day from heck we all finally met up at the Orlando airport. Beth was about 8 hours late but about $400 richer for it. Carolyn was 2 hours late and I was about an hour late! As you can see I spent lots of time in Minneapolis "de-icing". Who knew in April this would be going on??
 We knew Carolyn was turning 50 the first day so we made our plans accordingly. Nadine met us all at the airport at about midnight with a walker that was decorated to the hilt. There was a lovely sash and crown to go with it!!

 We got a little carried away since we were all punchy at this point and decorated up Snow White who was lounging at the airport. We loaded up and drove out to the beach which was a couple of hours out. Nadine's husband's boss has a condo that they let us use for the whole weekend for just the nominal cleaning fee.
The fabulous condo!
 This was the scene that day as we hit the beach. Nadine went to the store while we sunscreened up (or so we thought) and headed down. She was only gone a little more than an hour but it seemed like half the day so we added time each time we discussed it. I think we were up to ten hours we waited for her by the end of the trip!!
 So we entertained ourselves while we waited with the birthday sash. What we didn't know was that we are sunblock stupid or something and we were getting super burnt on various parts of our bodies. What a disaster that was. By the next morning we were so burned we decided to cancel our massages. What a bummer. Next time we will know better.
 This proves it! Our theme was let's eat pastries and lots of them.
That night we went out to the Garlic for dinner for Carolyn's birthday. It smelled heavenly. The food was pretty good too! It was wonderful.
The specials on a pasta noodle

The birthday gal

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Clark County Fair

It's that time of year again. Fair time. It's always the second week of April so it shouldn't sneak up on me but it does. This is the first year in forever that I haven't gone scrap booking during the fair so I was home for the grand kids! They came out Thursday which is always the best night for the locals.
 We headed over to the animals first thing much to Rees's disappointment. He has a very good memory and wanted to go straight to the carnival to heck with the animals. Cooper was pretty excited about the animals though, even the big animals were fun for him.

 We had dinner (while Rees paced) and then finally headed over to the carnival. The boys were in heaven.

 We thought Cooper would need a little help. Nope. Not really. He even did the kiddie roller coaster by himself! He was pretty brave the whole time. Rees loved the motorcycles but he especially loved the fun houses the most I think.

The two of them had a ball. They both got pretty tired. Well actually everyone but Rees did. I was planning on keeping Cooper for his first sleepover that night. When I got him home, overtired and alone he got worried and wanted to go home. Luckily Ashley and Benjy weren't too far down the road and met us back at Wallys. We will try it again with Rees and a better nap!!

Friday Jeff & Rachel arrived for the weekend. They spent the weekend with us then headed to Disneyland with out us (Super bummed we didn't go). So while they were here of course we had to take them to the fair.Actually I spent more time this year than in years. Two days in a row! They were on their own until I got back from Vegas on Friday but Saturday we went up for dinner and the Rodeo. Good times. I totally swiped Rachel's pictures off facebook!!

Thanks for a great Fair kids!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SpRing BReaK and GIrl's NiGht

Christina's spring break is ALWAYS the week right after ours wouldn't you know it. That means I am usually working unless I take a day or two off. We watched movies and stuff like usual. Friday we went to Vegas though so she could see Ashley and her family. We watched the boys play their paper jam guitars and visited awhile. Then the three of us girls went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Thanks to Benjy for watching the boys for us so Ashley could get away. It was a fun night out. We thought about going out to a movie but Ashley was getting uncomfortable being 8 months pregnant so we headed over to her house to watch tv there. It was a great night. We spent the weekend watching conference and all too soon Christina's break was over and off she went back to Utah!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bock the Cano!!

So when Hayden was a little kid he heard the song "We will Rock You" and got started on his own version he called Bock the Cano. We will, we will back the cano. 
Don't ask me! He came up with some of the most interesting things and this was one of them. He played his "mote guitar" and sang it like crazy. Well we have a new generation bockin the cano and playing their mote guitars. 
Ashley and Benjy bought paper jam guitars for their boys and we were treated to a rockin guitar concert!!

YES the joint was jumpin! They were awesome. What talent.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Easter 2013

 Easter was early this year in March. You really never know what to expect weather wise during March but we lucked out with a really nice day. Ashley and the boys came out for the day and we had Charlie & Alisha and Beth & Rob and their girls here with us.

We had a nice dinner and then hid about 150+ eggs. Rees couldn't wait to get started on the eggs. I think it was torture for him to wait until after dinner and then there were so many eggs it took us forever to hide them all. The kids all piled into Hayden's room with Ashley and waited for us to get it done.

They are ready to get going!


They had a great time running all over the back yard collecting eggs galore. Rob's girls  were good to help the boys. They didn't get to help Cooper much since Rob was all over that! He hauled him all over the place collecting eggs. I think it's safe to say everyone had a great time!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

They Are Growing So Fast!

I went to Vegas in March to do my usual grocery shopping and a million other things. Of course on my list was the now traditional visit to Great Buns.  I heart that place.  So after filling up on bread and other goodies I got busy with my huge list. I got my shopping finished with my grand kids help after I met up with Ashley & the boys. Then it was time for a quick playtime in the park before heading for home.

 I had some strawberries that the boys chowed down on while they played. Cooper wouldn't eat then play so he just munched while playing. This attracted the attention of another little guy who had to have some too. Too funny. Better than candy any ol day!

 See I even got a sneak picture of Dane at the playground.

 The boys ran us ragged. Cooper had his strawberry smile going on while he tried to dodge my camera. Before they left I gave them each a bag of green candy and juice and stuff to eat for St Patrick's Day. You are welcome Ashley!